Welcome to my blog, where you will learn more about me, Melinda Abersold, and my book The Crooked Path. Here’s a short synopsis of the book. More updates to come!

Esther Cox is faced with many challenges as the pastor of a small church in Williamsville Missouri.  She is challenged with coping with the death of her husband Samuel, and raising her teenage daughter whose heart has drifted from God.  She’s faced with the controversial argument of a woman placed in a pastoral position.  Deep within her heart, she longs for a man to step into the pastoral position.  Will Esther be able to pick up the pieces to her broken heart when her world is completely turned upside down by her teenage daughter, Ruthie?  Will she be able to open the door of her heart to love?

David Fisher is a well-respected farmer in the small town of Williamsville, and has been a member of the country church in Williamsville since childhood.  His heart was broken over the death of his wife Sadie, and he was determined not to give his heart to another.  Will he listen to the still small voice of God, and go down the path God has asked of him?  Will he open the shutters to his heart, and love again?

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