On Time . . .

When will it be over? When will the storm pass? When will I see daylight? How long will it last? Deliverance is on the way, victory shall be mine, when it comes, it will come on time.

If you’re looking for me, the potter’s wheel is where I’ll be. I’ll stay there until the work is complete. Mold, shape, start all over, cut and refine. When it is finished, it will be finished on time.

Can’t nobody do me like Jesus, this I know is true. Stand still, be patient, and He will come through. Holding me up so I won’t cross over the dangerous line. Giving me strength when I need it, an it’s always on time.

The storm has passed, the rain is gone. Like I knew that it would, if I just held on. Deliverance is here, victory is mine . . . It finally came . . . and it came right on time.

My dear friend Geraldine B. Jenkins

Until next time,
Melinda, (Mindy)

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