Whispers in the Night Book two of The Women of Faith Series . . .

About The Book

Life as Ruthie Cox once knew it in Williamsville Missouri changes completely when she decides to leave the comfort of her mama’s care. She starts life afresh with the man of her dreams, and oh, how he showers her with love. She delights in experiencing life as a city girl. Yes, her lovebird introduces her to an element of thrill that she longed for while growing up in a very strict Christian home. Yet, her relationship with God grows in a depth that she had never experienced.
Buddy’s world is turned upside down, right side up, and completely shaken when he falls in love with Ruthie Cox. Their love was as close to perfect as perfect could be. Ruthie not only fulfills his manly emotions, but she also introduces him to a relationship with God. However, darkness from Buddy’s past lurks in their almost perfect world, threatening to destroy their future. Will love overcome his dark mistakes?
All the while, God is reuniting old flames and bringing restoration to even the bleakest relationships.
Meanwhile, back in the cozy town of Williamsville, love is in the air and promises are being kept. All seems to be going wonderfully well, until tragedy hits the life of a young woman recently graduated from high school. Will the town folks overcome the heartache that comes with the misfortune?

2 thoughts on “Whispers in the Night Book two of The Women of Faith Series . . .

  1. Carolyne Hornsby says:

    wonderful Christian book, Melinda Abersold is own her way to being an excellent writer, Clean, Christian characters , we need more books like the women of faith series, loved book #1 and #2 can`t wait for #3 to be published and ready to sell. C. Hornsby.

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