I would like to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ for His saving, and delivering power. He is doing a glorious work inside of me, and there is absolutely nothing to hard for my God. The only thing He requires is that we surrender every hidden thing over to Him, and trust that He is more than able to loose us from our grave clothes and remove our death mask. I would like to go over a few events that happened to me when I was a baby, a toddler, and an adult. I can’t say I remember all these events, but I feel certain they play a big role in my battle with fear while driving/ traveling.
When I was a baby my grandfather and grandmother took me on a small road trip with them. My grandmother held me in her lap while my grandfather drove the car. Keep in mind this was in the 1960’s, and car seats for infants were not available. My grandfather had to put the brakes on rather hard, and when he did I flew out of my grandmothers arms and hit my head very hard on the dash of the car. Needless to say this up set my grand parents, and they began to argue. My grandmother said the more they argued the harder I cried.
The second event happened when I was a toddler while traveling with my parents on vacation to visit some relatives. When we arrived my mother took me out of the car seat, and sat me on her lap. When she opened the car door, she dropped me on the gravel driveway. This upset her and my dad, and they stared arguing, which made me cry that much harder. It is my personal belief the root of fear began to develop as a result of these two events.
I did not get my driver’s license until my mid twenties, and a few years after receiving them I was involved in two car accidents, one of which was very bad. By this time, I was having panic attaches while traveling in a vehicle. I did not relate all of this to my childhood experiences until I took this course in Psychology.
In closing I praise God for His delivering power, and victory over the fear of traveling/driving. One must keep in mind that fear is the darkroom where the faithless develop their negatives. The Bible tells us in 2 Tim. 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Until next time,
Pastor Melinda J. Abersold
Romans 8:28

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