Reflecting God’s Glory!

Reflecting God’s Glory
This is the hour that we as the Church of the living God need to be reflecting His Glory. There are people out there in this world desiring to see Jesus, and have a real relationship with Him. For many people we are the only true Light they will see, and this is why it is important we surrender our will over to the true Light of the world.
The only way we can allow the glory of God to reflect back to heaven is by nailing our fleshly nature to the cross. I’m reminded what John the Baptist said in the Bible, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Sometimes this can be very painful as the Lord begins to shine His light in those areas we would rather not face. However, the more we surrender, the more He can reflect His glory through us.
As the church begins to change, and take on the image of God, then the lost world will see the reflection of Jesus. Truly the name of Jesus will be lifted up, and He will begin to draw all men unto Him; consequently, souls will be added to the church such as should be saved.
It will not be a creed or a doctrine that will draw the lost souls, but the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ. His blood will begin to cleanse their hearts, and they will come to the true knowledge of the Living God. They will be ready to be born again of the water and the Spirit. By this time, the church will be ready to operate in the ministry of perfecting of the saints, and setting the captive free. At this point, we can honestly say that we are disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ, and His glory is reflecting back to heaven.

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