Women in the Genealogy of Jesus . . .

There are four women named in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew. I would like to go over the life, and background of each of these women.
The first name mentioned is Thamar / Tamar. Lets go into the book of Genesis and see what the Bible has to say about her. Tamar’s first husband was Er, the son of Judah, and he did wicked in the eyes of the Lord so the Lord slew him. Judah commanded Er’s brother Onan to marry Tamar and raise up seed for his brother. This displeased Onan, so he spilled his seed on the ground, and God slew him. Judah asked Tamar to remain a widow until his youngest son Shelah was grown, and he promised to give her unto him.
After a period of time Judah’s wife died, and he went to Timnath to shear his sheep. Tamar received word of this, and she began to plot because she was not given unto Shelah as she had been promised. Tamar disguised herself as a harlot, and when Judah saw her he took her for himself for he knew not it was his daughter-in-law. Tamar asked what Judah would give her before he knew her in a personal way, and he offered to give her a kid from the flock. She requested a pledge till she received the kid of the flock, and she asked for Judah’s signet, and his bracelets, and his staff. Judah gave her the pledge, and he went in unto her, and she conceived by him. Once Judah heard that Tamar played a harlot, and was with child, he wanted her to be brought forth and burned. Tamar spoke and said, by the man whose these are am I with child. Her pledge she received saved her, and she brought forth twins. She named the firstborn Pharez, and the second Zerah.
The second woman’s name is Rachab/Rahab. Lets go into the book of Joshua, and see what the Bible has to say about her. Joshua sent two of his servants to spy out the land of Jericho, and when they got there, Rahab the harlot allowed them to lodge in her house. Once the king of Jericho heard the men of the country of Israel were in Rahab’s house, he went to her house and asked that they be brought forth. Rahab said to the king, two men came unto to me, but I knew not who they were or where they went. Rahab had brought them to the roof of the house and hid them with stalks of flax.
Rahab perceived that the Lord was with the servant’s of Joshua, and that He would give them the land. She asked the men to show kindness to her and her household since she had shown them kindness. Her request was that they would save her and her father, mother, brother, and sister from death. The men promised their life for her life, if she uttered not their business, and when the Lord would gave them the land, they would deal kindly and truly with her. Rahab let them down by a cord through her window for she dwelt upon the town wall. She even told them to go to the mountain, and hide themselves for three days, and afterward it would be safe for them to go their way. The men told Rahab to bind a line of scarlet thread in the window, and to bring her family members into the household, and whosoever would go outside the doors of the house, their blood would be upon their own heads.
When the children of Israel came to take the city of Jericho, the two men who were spies remembered the promise they made to Rahab. One can see they went in, and brought out Rahab, and her father, mother, brother, and all that she had. As a result of Rahab’s obedience her family was spared from being burnt in the city of Jericho.
The third woman’s name is Ruth. Lets go into the book of Ruth, and look at what the Bible has to say about her. Ruth was a Moabite, the daughter-in-law of Elimelech and Naomi, and she had a sister named Orpah. Ruth married into this Israelite family while they were living in Moab. Over a period of time Naomi’s husband and her two sons died, and now Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah were all widows. Naomi left to go back to Judah, and she asked her two daughter-in-laws to stay in their homeland because she had no sons left in her womb for them to marry. Orpah wept and kissed her mother-in-law good-bye, but Ruth clave unto her. She said whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Naomi had a kinsman who was a man of great wealth of the family of Elimelech by the name of Boaz. Ruth said to Naomi; let me go to the field to glean ears of corn after him in whom I shall find grace. Ruth went to glean in the field with the reapers, and Boaz saw her, and God gave her favor with him. Ruth was allowed to glean in the best fields. Boaz charged his men servants to give her water when she was thirsty, and to even allow her to glean among the sheaves. Naomi perceived that Ruth had favor with Boaz, and she said to Ruth, is he not of our kindred?
Naomi made it known to Ruth that Boaz would be winnowing barley that night at the threshing floor. So Ruth washed herself, anointed herself, put raiment on, and went down to the floor. When Boaz went to lie down to sleep, Ruth laid at his feet. Once Boaz perceived that Ruth was at his feet, she asked him to put his skirt over her for they were near kinsman. Boaz was impressed with the fact that Ruth did not follow after young men, but rather had shown him kindness. Boaz agreed to redeem Ruth if a nearer kinsman would not perform the part of a kinsman. The other near kinsman could not redeem Ruth since it might mar his own inheritance, so Boaz redeemed her. Once Boaz took her as his wife, God opened her womb and gave them a son. They named the child Obed who was the grandfather of David. This story can also be seen as an allegory of how Jesus Christ redeemed his bride, the church.
The fourth woman’s name is Mary. This woman is more special than any other woman who ever lived. She was the mother of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. She was of the household and lineage of David, and she was espoused to Joseph. The angel Gabriel visited Mary and told her that she was highly favored of God. She would bring forth a son and call his name Jesus. However, Mary questioned how these things could be since she knew not a man. The angel informed her that the Holy Ghost would come upon her and the power of the highest would overshadow her. Joseph had thought to put her away because he did not want to make her a public example; however Gabriel appeared to Joseph and told him not to fear to take Mary for his wife. Thus, at the appointed time, Jesus was born in a manger.
At the age of twelve, Jesus began to show his infinite wisdom in the temple by sitting in the midst of doctors, and both hearing them and asking them questions. Mary watched as Jesus grew to become a man, finding favor with both God and man. When Jesus performed his first miracle at the marriage in Cana of Galilee, Mary was the one who informed him that they had no wine. When Jesus was crucified on Calvary, Mary was present to hear Jesus inform his disciple to take her as his mother before his horrible death. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, Mary was one of those who visited the tomb to verify that the Lord had risen indeed. After the ascension of Jesus, Mary was again present in the upper room when the Holy Ghost was first poured out on the Day of Pentecost. Although Mary was the woman that God used to bring our savior into the world, she still needed to be filled with the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful experience to raise the Savior of the World and then be filled with his Spirit.
In closing, lets look at each of these women once again. Tamar brought forth a bastard, and under the Law a bastard could not enter into the congregation of Lord up to the tenth generation. David was the tenth generation from Pharez; thus, he had the right to say “I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord”. Rahab was a harlot, which most men would not want to be seen with in public. Ruth was a Moabite, which came from incest, and according to the Law they could not enter into the congregation of the Lord. Mary gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ at an age that would bring disgrace to many families today. Thank GOD for the BLOOD, and His MERCY and GRACE!!

Until next time,

Pastor Melinda Abersold
Romans 8:28

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