The Call To Discipleship

Many people in the church do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are taught the doctrine such as repent, get baptized in the Name Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Ghost. I believe this should be taught, but it seems the church is failing to teach the importance of a love relationship with our Sweet Savior. We need to be taught how to be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus, and how to become a discipler.
It is my personal belief that the days of playing church, and being complacent are coming to an end. The Lord has been calling his Bride to come and follow Him for over two thousand years. I feel strongly that the Bride of Christ is being drawn into a deeper relationship with Him. I believe the Lord is asking the Bride in her prayer closet, “Do you love me more than your own loved ones, and your own self”? I am reminded of Simon Peter’s response to the Lord when asked if he loved the Lord more than the things pertaining to his life. He was quick to say, “Yes Lord thou knowest that I love Thee”. The Lord asked him to follow him, and to feed His lambs, and His sheep. In other words, pour your life out into others by being a discipler. If we would be honest with God, and ourselves, I believe we would have to confess that we have not been following Jesus.
Satan has deceived the Bride by causing her to be so busy that she cannot be an effective discipler. One can look at the word BUSY from this point of view: B = Being, U = Under, S = Satan’s, and Y = Yoke. We are so busy that when the Bridegroom calls, we tune him out, and I believe He is tuning His Bride out by not answering her prayers. We are allowing the cares of this world, and church functions to come before taking up our cross and following Jesus; consequently, this must break His heart.
His sweet Spirit keeps wooing us ever so tenderly and gently saying, “Oh my love, come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. I thank God for His longsuffering, but time is quickly running out, and it is urgent that we respond to His plea. There are many souls dying and going to hell because we have been operating in a lethargic spirit. I believe God’s Spirit is awakening us in a gentle way, and bringing us back to our first love. When one truly falls in love with Jesus, one will fall in love with the sinners because Jesus came to seek and save the lost. The world is longing for God’s peace and love, and God is longing to share His love through His disciples.
Finally in closing, it is my prayer that I become a disciple, and a discipler for the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for anointed wisdom and knowledge so I can be an effective soul winner. I pray to walk so close to my Lord that I will hear the silent cry of His lost sheep, even as He hears their cry. I pray to obey the still small voice of the Bridegroom.

Until next time,
Pastor Melinda Abersold
Romans 8:28

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