The Crooked Path . . . A Portion of Chapter Nine.

Susie was one of the first to make it to the altar, and as soon as her knees hit the floor, the tears began to fall. She cried a bucket of tears as she talked to God, and it felt as natural at the sun coming up in the morning. She repented for closing Him out for so many years. She repented for blaming Him for her childhood. She repented for blaming Him for not being able to bear children. Yes, she even repented for hating her husband. Once her heart was cleansed, she began to pray for Esther and Ruthie.
God’s peace engulfed her, and she felt something she hadn’t felt for many years—Jesus’s arms wrapped around her, and He spoke ever so softly. “My child, welcome home. I’ve been waiting for you.”
Mike looked at his wife with complete disgust as he mumbled to himself, “Look at her carryin’ on at that altar after the way she just talked to me. She’s crazy if she thinks God will hear her prayers. Doesn’t the Bible say somethin’ about women submittin’ to their husbands? Well, anyway, I know it says somethin’ along that line.”
Suddenly, he felt chills run down his spine, and his eyes clouded with tears. His face was burning hot. “What’s happening to me?” he questioned to himself. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking at him and was thankful that everyone seemed to be lost in deep thought. He shut his eyes and did something he hadn’t done for a long time—he prayed, at least the best he new how. When he opened his eyes, he looked up to see Susie walking toward him. Their eyes locked, and Mike felt his chest tighten as one single tear ran down his face. What he saw was the woman he married. She had that same light in her eyes that drew him to her years ago. Once again, he felt connected to his Susie. He shook his head in disbelief, and just as quickly as the connection came, it left. “She’s not goin’ to butter me up. She’s wantin’ me to forget the way she spoke to me earlier, and besides, she’ll be back to her same whinin’ self in no time,” he spoke softly to himself. It was as if his soul took a cold shower, and just like that. He was back to being Mike Falcon, in control of his emotions.
Susie felt the connection with her husband for a brief second, but she also knew the moment he went back to being the stubborn Mike Falcon he’s been for years. However, she wasn’t the same mousy Susie Falcon she had been for years. She was forever a changed woman and God’s child. She knew she had many mountains to climb, and her marriage is maybe far from where it should be. But her God would be with her as she faced the upcoming days. For the first time in her life, she felt absolutely no fear. She walked in God’s peace and confidence as she approached her husband.
Mike looked up at his wife and was lost for words for a bit. He cleared his throat and said, “Susie, you go on home. I need to speak with Wayne.” Susie smiled and said, “Okay. See you when you get home. I’ll have dinner ready.” She waved good-bye, and he stood dumfounded for a few moments.
Once Susie walked into her house, she looked around at the dusty living room and was determined to turn their house into a home. She planned to start by making a grocery list because she was sure their cupboards were bare. Mike mostly ate his meals at Anne’s Café, and she ate a lot of cereal and canned soup. When she looked in the refrigerator, she found some bacon, eggs, and a few potatoes. “Humm, I guess I can make us a good old country breakfast for our evening meal,” she whispered to herself. She smiled at the memory of her and Mike eating breakfast food for dinner so many years ago. She longed for restoration in her marriage but knew it was only possible with the help of God. So much had happened over the years, but she knew nothing was impossible with God.
After Susie reflected back on how the day played out, she knew she received her own personal miracle, and she would treasure God for the rest of her living days. She knew that from this day forward, she was a restored child of God, and planned to trust in Him with her future. She can only pray that Mike will see the change in her and desire to have the same peace God had given her when she met Him at the altar. After all, the battle was not hers to fight, but it was God’s. She had no desire to pick up the heavy baggage that she laid down, but planned to grow in God’s love, grace, and mercy. She also planned to show Mike a lot more love, grace, and mercy from this day forward. As she started dicing potatoes, she wondered how long has it been since they had a meal together? Too long, way too long.

Until next time,
Pastor Melinda
Romans 8:28

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