The Making of a Leader . . .

The Lord placed this blog on my heart. God bless!

Melinda J. Abersold

Hundreds of years ago God needed a leader for a very special purpose. He sent a baby into the world and called him Moses. His father’s name was Amram, the grandson of Levi. His mother’s name was Jochebed; her name is only mentioned twice in the Bible Exodus 6:20 and Numbers 26:59. Jochebed was Amrams aunt as noted in Exodus 6:20. Moses was the youngest of three children born to Amram by Jochebed. He had a sister named Miriam who was a prophetess, and a brother named Aaron who was the first priest in the Levitical priesthood.
God sent the children of Israel into Egypt in the days of Joseph. They multiplied and filled the land, and the Lord gave the children of Israel favor under the Kingship of Joseph. In time Joseph died and the King that knew Joseph died, and a new King arose, which knew not Joseph…

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