Tied To The Post…

Hi, I thought that you might enjoy this blog. God bless!

Melinda J. Abersold

Here lately I have been thinking about life. You know, how funny it can be at times. And then there are times when it can be downright baffling. I once heard a preacher preach a message on the colt that Jesus rode on. (Matthew 21:2-3) He elaborated on the colt being tied to a post next to his mom, and he used a bit of his imagination. I would like to share with you what I gleaned from his message.
If that colt could talk I’m sure he would have asked his mom why they were tied to the post. (Being the young whipper snapper that he was.) I’m sure that his mom probably answered with much wisdom. “Well son, I’m sure that God has a good reason for us to be tied to this post. Always remember that good things happen to those who wait.” In the meantime the…

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