A Portion of “Whispers in the Night”

Chapter Thirty-Two

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better
for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in
health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.
Book of Common Prayer

August 1966

Seasons flew by like dust in the wind, and it was hard for Ruthie to believe that Hadassah was already sixteen months old. As Ruthie looked down at Hadassah while rocking her, she was taken by how much she reminded her of Buddy. Nighttime was Ruthie’s favorite time with her darling little angel. She loved the way that Hadassah looked deep into her eyes as she rocked away, singing “Jesus loves me”. Her sea green eyes were so pure and innocent, and her ivory skin was completely flawless. Ruthie’s heart felt so full of love and joy because everything was as close to perfect as perfect could be in her world. She could hear her husband talking to his pop on the telephone in the other room. They finally had a buyer for the house, and if all went as expected in one month they should be packed up and ready to move back home.
However, Ruthie did feel a hint of heaviness in her heart as she looked around Hadassah’s bedroom. She and Buddy had made a lot of wonderful memories in St Louis. They would soon be married seven years, and it was here that they first made love. Yes, it was here that Hadassah was conceived. And of course Rex had become an important part of their lives. He was a wonderful godfather to Hadassah, and their best friend. Yep. They would all miss Rex, but he had promised that he would visit often. Who knows, perhaps he’ll move to Williamsville one day; crazier things have happened.
Hadassah made a soft sound as she breathed peacefully in Ruthie’s arms. Ruthie could tell that she was finally asleep for the night, so she carefully laid her in the crib. She silently prayed over her daughter before going into the living room to spend time with Buddy.
“Hey, babe. Is she sleeping?”
“She is. I heard you talking to Pop. I’m sure their excited about the house selling. I know that Mama squealed so loud in my ear when I told her, I thought my eardrum might be damaged for life.” Ruthie sat close to Buddy on the sofa and laid her head on his shoulder. “So we have thirty days to get everything packed up and the house cleaned out?” she asked.
“Yep, that’s the plan. Ruthie, promise me that you will never lose your song. Can ya do that for me, huh?” Buddy whispered, and then he kissed the top of her head.
She nuzzled closer to him and purred, “Yeah sure, but what makes you think that I will lose my song? You know how much I love to sing. Why, I sing practically all the time.”
“The thought came to me while I was listening to you sing to Dassy. Baby, when you sing, you sound so angelic. I love the sound—” He stopped midsentence when Ruthie opened her mouth and began to sing “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.

Buddy awoke in the middle of the night feeling the Lord tugging at his heart to pray. Over the years he had developed a close relationship with God, and he recognized the still small voice of his Father. He wasted no time and slipped out of bed, fell on his knees, and went straight into prayer.
“Heavenly Father, I thank You for loving and saving me. I’m grateful for the relationship that I find in You. I could never thank You enough for my family. Ruthie, well, she’s the best wife ever. I honestly don’t believe I could ask for a better wife. Lord, I thank You for blessing her with such a beautiful angelic voice. I pray that she will never lose her song. Lord, I pray that our marriage will continue to grow strong in Your grace. God, if You should take me home before You take her, well, please see fit to give her another chance at love. Lord, I pray that she will never have to face life alone. And I thank You for my Dassy. Please keep Your mighty hand of protection upon my baby girl. Please protect our family and allow our hearts to be joined together in Your love. And, Lord, I pray for T-Bone, that You would send a good woman his way. Please allow him to experience true love.”
Ruthie felt tears trickle down her face as she listened to her husband pray. Never, ever had she heard a more beautiful prayer. She was so proud of how far he had come over the years in his relationship with God, and yes, even his grammar. She thanked God over and over again for allowing her to experience her happy ever after. My, how she felt the presence of the Almighty as Buddy prayed. She couldn’t refrain herself any longer, so she slipped out of bed, knelt down beside her husband, and she prayed along with him.
They returned back to bed after they poured their hearts out at the feet of Jesus. Oh how his heart melted as Ruthie tenderly sang “The Old Rugged Cross”. She slowly allowed her angelic voice to go from singing with passion to softly humming in his ear. He took her in his arms and passionately made love to her. He couldn’t get enough of her love. He loved her like there was no tomorrow and their yesterdays would escape from her memory if he dared to stop. The feel of her skin and smell of her hair made him crave her like a man starving from lack of nutrition. Their hearts and souls intertwined as one, and together they made beautiful music. Yes, it was the most beautiful love song he had ever heard. He knew in his heart of hearts, that he would remember this special night for the rest of his living days.
Before drifting off to sleep, Buddy whispered, “I love you, my little lovebird, and thanks for giving me the strength that I need to face Dassy in the morning.”
Ruthie yawned and purred, “That’s right, tomorrow is Saturday, your day to cook breakfast and my day to sleep in. Let me see, I think I’ll have bacon and blueberry pancakes.”
“Don’t push your luck, little missy.”
Buddy awoke bright and early to the sound of Hadassah calling for him. “Da, Da, Da, Da.” He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of her cute little voice. “Daddy’s coming, Dassy.” He peeked into her room and started playing peek-a-boo with her from behind the door. Her laughter filled the house and she gleefully responded by saying, “Mornin’ Daddeeee.” Buddy walked over to her crib, and then he paused for a brief moment to take in everything about her. She pulled herself up and leaned against the railing of the crib. “Dassy . . . hungeee.” He picked her up and kissed the top of her head. “Well, good morning, Dassy. Daddy is hungry too. How about some bacon and blueberry pancakes?” She joyfully squealed out, “Yummy.” He hugged her tight and whispered, “Shhhh, we don’t want to wake Mama up until we get breakfast ready.” She pointed toward his bedroom and whispered, “Mama . . . sleepy . . .”

“So, tell me, who came up with the idea of coming to the park?” Ruthie asked as she was walking with Hadassah toward the swings.
“I done told ya once that it was Dassy’s idea, wasn’t it, sweet girl, huh?” Buddy playfully ran in front of Ruthie and walked backwards as he looked into her eyes. Hadassah pointed her little finger toward the swing and gleefully shouted, “Swingggg, Daddeee!” He looked at Hadassah and replied, “Yes, baby, Daddy will swing with you.” He winked at Ruthie. “I bet we can swing higher than Mommy!” As Ruthie ran toward the swing, she teasingly commented, “Buddy Nelson, you know we don’t believe in betting, but I wager to say that I’m the number one pro at swinging high.” She jumped into a swing and playfully shouted, “Hadassah, Mommy can swing as high as the sky.” Buddy jumped up in a swing next to Ruthie and placed Hadassah in his lap. “Dassy, let’s show Mommy who the true pros are.” After Ruthie proved that she was the pro at swinging, they decided to go feed the ducks while waiting for Rex. Rex had agreed to meet them down by the pond at one o’clock. He insisted on surprising them with the trimmings for a picnic.

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