A Little About Hadassah’s Cry!

I’m so thrilled that “Hadassah’s Cry” is now available with Xlibris, Amazon, Barns and Noble, and other online bookstores! I would like to tell you, the reader, just a little about the book. But not too much, I don’t want to spoil the story.

“Hadassah’s Cry” tackles some very tuff issues about life; such as, drug addiction, bitterness, learning to receive God’s forgiveness, and teenage rebellion. Since the genre of my books are Christian based, I had to pray for God’s guidance in portraying some of the rebellious characters. I’m pleased with the way that God granted me the ability to make these characters seem very realistic. This is book three of the Women of Faith Series. It is also the final book of the series.

Hadassah is a young woman that has felt the sting of pain and rejection from the time she was a toddler. She struggles with having a proper relationship with loved ones, especially her mother. As a child, she desperately desired the love of her mother. However, Ruthie, (Hadassah’s Mother) was lost in her own world as she battled with her Valium addiction. Ruthie’s heart is completely broken over the death of her husband, Buddy. However, after several years, she made peace in her heart, and she overcame her addiction.

Buddy was brutally murdered by a young woman who was obsessed with having him for herself. Ruthie and Hadassah witnessed the murder, along with his best friend, Rex. Over a period of time, Rex falls in love with Ruthie, and he persuades her to marry him. Most of this is actually in book two . . .*Smile

“Hadassah’s Cry” picks up with Ruthie and Rex being happily married, and together they face many heartbreaking challenges while trying to parent Hadassah.
I felt God’s anointing so much as I read my authors copy, and I give Him all praise and glory. This book teaches the truths about worldliness, and also teaches how to pray against the wiles of Satan. It’s my earnest prayer that after the reader completes the series, they feel stronger and closer to Jesus!

The Women of Faith Series
The Crooked Path
Whispers in the Night
Hadassah’s Cry

God bless!
Melinda (Mindy)

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