My Books . . . *Smile

Okay, here’s the deal, if you like Christian fiction romance, then the Women of Faith Series are the books for you . . . *Smile!

Book One, “The Crooked Path” tackles the controversial topic of women in the ministry. I know, many folks are dead set against women preachers, but hey, we live in a world that’s forever changing. However, the story is based in 1959. Now, hold on, believe it or not, God used many woman to establish churches during that time frame. The book is seasoned with prayer, and peppered with romance.

The Kirkus Review for The Crooked Path
“In her first novel, Abersold, who co-pastors an Alabama church with her husband, shows Christian prayer and faith at work in a small Missouri town.
As Christian romance, the book extends charity, love and forgiveness without stooping to vulgar sensationalism; think 50 tasteful shades of love. The story succeeds in portraying what the author imagines to be a simpler, cleaner life back in 1959.
A gentle romance peppered with homespun expressions of faith in action, which will satisfy readers who trust in the Lord.”

Book two, “Whispers in the Night” unfolds a love story that will keep you laughing and crying. I have received many positive comments about the relationship that the two main characters portray. I must warn you that there’s a big surprise at the end of the story.
The BlueInk Review for Whispers in the Night:

“Abersold has constructed an intriguing Christian-oriented romance… (And) cleverly introduces plot twists that keep readers guessing. Abersold is sincere in teaching a godly lifestyle through her characters.”

Book Three, “Hadassah’s Cry” tackles life from every angle. The Lord placed on my heart to cover drug/alcohol addiction. I did my best to portray the characters as being rebellious, and yet, I stayed within Biblical guidelines.

All three books are realistic fiction, and they give the reader a true glimpse of spiritual warfare. If you’re looking for books that are full of ungodliness and profanity, then these books are not for you. However, if you’re looking for books that deal with real life issues, and teaches the reader how to trust God when facing opposition, then I feel confident that you will enjoy the Women of Faith Series.

I’m still waiting on the book review for “Hadassah’s Cry.” I’ll be sure to share it with you when I receive it. My forth book, “God Hears Your Silent Cry,” should be available on the market soon. The genre of this book is Bible study/self-help.

Be blessed, and please whisper a little prayer for me!

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