A Quote From Hadassah’s Cry

Hadassah felt her heart rate speed up, and fear swept over her as the room began to close in. It was difficult for her to breathe, and the faces of her parents turned evil. They were screaming at her and making threats to disown her. She heard her dad say, “You’re bringing nothing but shame to our family, Hadassah.” And then, they went back to praying, and Hadassah saw two doors. Her dad stood to his feet and opened one of the doors, and there was a bright light that shined from within. It was so bright that it nearly blinded her. She saw an image of a man standing across the threshold with his hands stretched out.

Hadassah heard him say, “Dassy, I love you.” And then he faded away into the bright light. She noticed that her parents were still praying, and then her dad stood to his feet and opened the other door. There was complete darkness. It was so dark that Hadassah was sure she could feel the darkness sweep over her.

Suddenly, she realized that the door led to Tony’s living room. She saw Tony, Amy, and Bruce surrounded by death. But where was she?

She heard her mom begging her for forgiveness. “Hadassah, I love you. Please forgive me. I love you . . . I love you . . .”

The words became like a hot iron searing Hadassah’s heart. She wanted to tell her mom to shut up-no, she wanted to tell her that she loved her, but the words wouldn’t come out. They were lodged in her throat.

She desperately wanted to run, but she was glued to the couch. No, she couldn’t be glued to the couch because she wasn’t in the room. Once again, she wondered where she was. She was lost . . . completely lost.

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