Whispers in the Night

Buddy smelled the aroma of pancakes and bacon when he opened the door to the small shack where he and Ruthie spent hot summer evenings falling madly in love. He silently thanked God for his uncle and Anne coming through for him. He had called his uncle Joe a week ago and asked him if he and Anne would have breakfast waiting at exactly 8:00 a.m. Anne had called him and assured him that the old shack would be cleaned up with a woman’s touch added. She had placed roses and candles in every room. Late last night when Ruthie was sound asleep, Buddy drove out to the shack to add his touch to the romantic weekend he had planned.
“Mmmm, it smells wonderful in here. I smell pancakes and bacon. When are you going to take the blindfold off?”
“Don’t be pushy, little missy. I plan to right now.” Buddy slowly untied the blindfold and twirled Ruthie around for a big kiss. “Remember how ya always said that I was spoiling you, and I would say that ya haven’t seen nothing yet?”
Ruthie gave him a puzzled look and softly responded, “Yeah sure. Why?”
He nibbled on her ear and whispered, “This weekend, I’m going to spoil you rotten.” He couldn’t wait to tell her the surprise that he had been keeping to himself for over a week. “And we’ll start with your favorite breakfast.” He walked her to the table and lit the candles. He went to the oven to retrieve the pancakes and bacon, and then he said a blessing over the food.
Ruthie looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes and purred, “Why, Buddy Nelson, I do declare you’re one romantic guy.”
He winked at her and said, “Baby, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.”
They both laughed out loud and then she gave him a coy look and whispered, “Darling, ‘ya ain’t’ is such poor grammar.”
He curled his upper lip and whispered, “Oh, but I’m planning on showing you a grand time, Ruth Ann.”
After they finished their breakfast, Buddy placed her hand in his and she followed him in complete amazement. Ruthie felt cool chills run down her spine as she noticed the trail of rose pedals that led to the bedroom. Her heart was on a string and he was in charge. She felt her breath catch in her throat when she looked around the small bedroom with candles burning and one single rose lying across the pillow. “Buddy, this is so romantic. When did you find time to do all of this? And the breakfast, when did you cook the pancakes . . .”
He placed his finger on her lips and softly whispered, “Shhhh, for once don’t be so curious. Now come, let’s pray together.”
He led her to the bedside and they knelt on their knees to pray. “Heavenly Father, I thank You for my wife and our wonderful family. I pray that You will continue to keep Your hand upon each one of us. Lord, please give strength to Norma, and I ask that You bless her and Ricky’s marriage. I pray that they experience love, peace, and joy. And, Lord, I pray that Your will be done with our future. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
Ruthie wiped the tears that were trickling down her cheek, and then she began to pray. “Lord Jesus, I stand in awe of You and all of Your wonders. I give up on trying to analyze everything You do for us. From this day forward, I’m simply going to trust You with our future. I thank You for my wonderful husband and best friend. In Your timing, I pray that You will give us children. Lord, I pray for Your blessings upon our family and friends. Oh, and, Jesus, thanks for improving my husband’s grammar. In Your wonderful name, amen.” She then began to giggle, and Buddy picked her up and started tickling her. “Buddy Nelson, I demand you to stop this instant!” She laughed until she snorted in a very unladylike fashion.
“Not until you say the magic word!”
“Okay, I love you,” she squeaked.
“I love ya too, but that’s not the magic word.”
She swatted him on the arm, and then she passionately kissed him. He laid her on the bed and whispered, “I think now we’re getting somewhere.” He picked up the rose from the pillow and held it to her nose as he whispered in her ears, “This wild rose reminds me of you, sweet, wild, and scarlet red. Now, darling, are you ready to have a grand time?” Everything within her unraveled as he made mad, passionate love to her. She felt intoxicated by his love and drunk with the words that he whispered in her ear. “Baby, I need you like the ocean needs a stream, like the desert needs rain, like the morning needs the sun, and the moon needs the night.” My, how he showed her a grand time for the next hour.
The day seemed to have flown by with the wind. Together they enjoyed lunch under the old oak tree and played in the creek. Before they knew it, the sun had set and they were lying under the stars. Ruthie smiled as she looked over at her husband. Her heart felt so full, and she had so much to be thankful for. She whispered softly as she reached over to run her fingers through his thick dark hair. “You had this planned for some time, didn’t you?”
“Oh, I hoped for it.”
“You sly ol’ fox, you,” she spoke with a hint of challenge. “Thank you for everything. I’ve had the time of my life. You’re the world’s best husband.” She then whispered, “Really, you are.”
“Well, the weekend isn’t over yet. This sly ol’ fox has a few more surprises up his sleeve.” He paused for a moment, and he placed her hand in his. “Ruthie, what do ya think about building our dream home here close to this oak tree?”
“I think it would be wonderful, but we already have a home in St. Louis. More besides, I thought you liked the city.”
“I do love the city, but I like it here too. I’m grateful for my folk’s generosity. They didn’t have to give us the ol’ house, but for some reason I just don’t see us raising our children in St. Louis. I mean, your folks live here, and it seems that my folks will be buying Mama Esther’s ol’ house. I would like for our children to live close to their grandparents, wouldn’t you?”
“Well, babe, that all sound good, but you’re forgetting one very important detail. This property belongs to Uncle Joe, and I’m sure he has plans to build a nice home for Anne. Speaking of, don’t you think they look cute together? She sure brings out the best in the old guy. I never thought that I would live to see the day that he would be civil toward me. Why, the old guy was a class-A grump.”
Buddy whispered as she rambled. “Ruth Ann, the land belongs to us.”
Ruthie continued to ramble. “Of course, I realize that God is able to change the hardest heart, so I give all credit to Him. He has simply seen fit to use Anne to bring out Uncle Joe’s . . .” she trailed off and looked at Buddy like he just lost his mind. “Buddy, did you just say that the land belongs to us?”
“I did.”
“When did all of this happen?”
“A few days ago”
“Why didn’t you tell me before now?”
“Because I wanted to tell ya here under the stars, where we will build our future home. He plans to give us the deed Sunday.”
“Wow! This is incredible! I simply can’t believe it. It’s more than I can imagine him ever doing for us.”
“Well, believe it. Come Sunday the deed will be in our hands. Ruthie, can I have this dance?” He softly asked.
Together they slow danced under the stars with the moon shining down upon them. Buddy rocked her to the beating of their hearts as he softly sang “Love Me Tender”. They continued to sway to the sound of crickets singing soprano and the frog’s singing bass for a beat. Buddy whispered in her ear, “So I’m a sly ol’ fox?” He then laid her on the blanket and loved her to the moon and back. Yep, they slid down the Big Dipper, and danced around the Milky Way.
–Whispers in the Night

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