God Hears Your Silent Cry

My dear friend, it is my deepest desire that this Bible Study will help
you to bring forth spiritual fruit. In fact; I’m reminded of what the great
apostle Paul said, “This is the fruit of my labour.” I truly have enjoyed
digging into the Word of God. We find life, peace, joy, contentment, and
love in the Word. I honestly give God all credit for the many changes that
He has made in my life; however, I had to search the Word for myself.
There are many lessons to be learned from the Word of God. I’m
reminded of the faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were
thrown in the fiery furnace, because they refused to bow down to king
Nebuchadnezzar’s false image (god). They went into the furnace bound
but came out loosed. Praise God, not even one piece of their hair was
singed! They were such a powerful witness for the Lord!
Maybe you feel like that you have been in the fiery furnace of
affliction. I want to speak a word of encouragement over your situation.
You will come out of the fire loosed and stronger in the Lord! The only
thing that the fire will do is burn away everything that is not like God.
Daniel was a man with an excellent spirit; however, his prayer life
was challenged. During the time of king Darius, the presidents made a
decree that if anyone made their petition known to God or man, other
than the king, they would be thrown in the den of lions. Well, faithful
Daniel continued to pray to his God three times a day. He even made the
presidents aware of his prayer time, by opening his window and praying
toward Jerusalem. Needless to say, Daniel was thrown in the den of lions.
He was completely fearless as he faced death, because he knew the God of
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yes, he was given a death sentence, but God shut the mouth of the lions and delivered Daniel out of the den. The
king had Daniel’s adversaries and their families thrown into the den of
lions. The lions devoured every one of them.
My friend, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might, because
He will shut the mouth of the lions for you. Don’t waver in your faith,
and stand still as God fights your battles. He is more than able to confuse
your adversary.
Maybe you have fallen into sexual sin; can I say to you in the love of
the Holy Ghost, repent and receive God’s forgiveness. I’m reminded of
two women in the Bible who fell into the trap of lust, but Jesus took the
time to minister to both of them.
There was a Samaritan woman in the book of John that had been
married five times and the relationship that she was in when Jesus spoke
with her was outside of the will of God. For the next few moments I will
be paraphrasing from John chapter 4.
Jesus felt such a need to go visit with a certain Samaritan woman that
He sent His disciples to buy meat, and He went to the city of Sychar.
Now, normally the Jewish people would travel completely out of their
way to avoid Samaria, because they considered the Samaritans unclean
people. However, on this particular day, Jesus saw a heart that would be
receptive to His word. He made His way to the city of Sychar and went
to Jacob’s well. The very woman that Jesus desired to speak with came to
the well to draw water, and Jesus asked her for a drink of cool water. No
doubt, after His long journey, He was very thirsty.
Now remember, it was very unusual for a Jew to speak to a Samaritan,
but even more unusual for one to be speaking to a woman in public.
As Jesus struck up a conversation with her, He stirred her curiosity. He
made it known to her that if she drank of the waters that He had to offer,
she would never thirst again. Well, she asked Him to give her a drink of
those waters. Jesus simply asked that she go call her husband to come
to the well. Well, the woman was completely transparent with the Lord
by revealing that she had no husband. Needless to say, this opened up
the door for the Lord to minister to the woman about her past, present,
and future. He simply commended her for telling the truth and made
known to her that not only was she not married, but she was living with
her boyfriend. Oh, but He didn’t stop there. He also made it known
that He saw that she had been married five times. Wow, that really got
her attention! She perceived that He was a prophet, and she went back
to her people and started evangelizing about a Man that was able to tell
her everything there was to know about her life. After just one encounter
with Jesus, the Samaritan woman was transformed. I truly believe that
she went home and asked her boyfriend to either marry her or move out.
The next woman that I would like to focus on is one that was
caught in the act of adultery. You can read about her in John chapter 8.
The Pharisees brought this poor woman to Jesus in hopes to catch Him
breaking the Law of Moses, because under the dispensation of the law,
if a man and woman get caught in the act of adultery, they were both
to be stoned to death. Now, what I find to be rather interesting is that
the Pharisees only brought the woman before Jesus. Where was the man?
Boy, talk about injustice! What I love about Jesus was that He simply
bent down and wrote on the ground. Now, I believe that He was writing
the law and revealing their sin, because the Bible tells us that they began
to walk away. Jesus simply asked the woman where her accusers were, and
she said that there were none. He tenderly assured her that He did not
condemn her, and she was to go and sin no more. I’m sure that her heart
was so full of gratitude when she heard Jesus say, “Go and sin no more.”
My friend, God is saying to you today, “Go and sin no more.” . . .

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