Through The Eyes of A Writer

The young child jumped up and down as she noticed the wide open field. She desperately longed to go run through the tall blades of lush green grass. Why, all she saw was the field, where she could romp and play. Oh, but the writer saw so much more.

To start, there was the blue sky with only a few white fluffy clouds bouncing here and there. The bright orange-yellow sun shined down so bright that it caused one to squint their eyes as they admired the birds freely flying. Oh wait, just across the horizon there was a small plane, flying way up high in the sky. The writer’s imagination began to work overtime. She saw all types of animals and pretty flowers in the clouds.

Oh wait, is that a banner attached to the airplane? Yes, it sure is! Oh my, the writer recognized the airplane. It was her sweet husband’s. What? He’s declaring his love for her and for the whole world to see? Yes, he is, and the words “I LOVE YOU” are written in bold red letters across the banner. The writer feels a blush creep up her cheeks. She couldn’t believe that the love of her life would do such a thing. Suddenly, she hears the sound of laughter. That’s correct, the child was poking fun at the writer’s shy disposition.

All of a sudden, something in the field caught the eye of the writer. Could it be? Yes, it was the cutest fawn gracefully running across the field. Oh wait, at the edge of the woods was a doe and a buck. No doubt they were waiting for their little fawn.

Wait, look, there’s a rabbit. No, not just one, but two, three, four, maybe even five, or six. And look at the squirrels chasing each other up the big oak tree. Wait, one squirrel is nipping at the others tail, desiring to play. The writer was amazed by all of the beautiful butterflies that enjoyed the pollen from the wildflowers and honeysuckles.

The writer heard the soft sound of water coming from nearby. She could almost feel the cool water on her bare feet. Yes, there it is! There’s the pond just a short distance away. And oh, there are two young lads fishing at the bank of the pond. Why, she noticed that one of the bobbers went completely under the water. Surely the young lad must have a big bite. The writer could hear them giggle as they worked together to pull in the catch. No doubt, their taste buds were watering.

Now, something else has the writer’s attention. What? Can it be? The writer couldn’t believe her eyes. Her sweetheart landed his plane in the middle of the open field. She anxiously ran to her love with the little girl not far behind. The writer fell into his opened arms. He smiled at the young girl and then invited them to go for a ride. At first the little girl was hesitant, but after the writer assured her that she would see the world through a whole new set of eyes, the small child jumped into the airplane. Up, up, up, they went, and from up in the sky, the writer was able to see so much more.

Suddenly, the writer heard the sound of the little girl’s voice, and just like that, everything the writer saw went away. Now, all the writer saw was the wide open field, but in her mind there was so much more than the open space.

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