My Beautiful Friend, Chrissy

Hi Mindy…..
Poetry thoughts after listening to your sermon (may have a little tune to go with it)

Lift up your voice and rejoice By Chrissy Sanderson October 2015

God is just a miracle away
All we need to do is pray
Lift up our voice
Lift up our voice
Make the right choice……And praise His name

Help us Lord……To find a way out
Take away……All the fear and doubt

We can do all things in Christ
His power and glory will suffice
We’ll rejoice at our salvation
No more guilt or condemnation

Breathe in me…….Your holy spirit
More of you Lord as there are no limits
The hope of glory…….shining on the inside
The love of God no man can hide

As we get on our knees
And pour out our agonies
Waiting on God in his secret place
To give us courage so that we can face
……All things in Christ as He strengthens us

By Chrissy Sanderson
Be blessed J

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