About the Book


“The Crooked Path”
About the Book

Esther Cox is faced with many challenges as the pastor of a small church in Williamsville, Missouri. She is challenged with coping with the death of her husband, Samuel, and raising her teenage daughter whose heart has drifted from God. She’s faced with the controversial argument of a woman placed in a pastoral position. Deep within her heart, she longs for a man to step into the pastoral position.

Will Esther be able to pick up the pieces to her broken heart when her world is completely turned upside down by her teenage daughter, Ruthie? Will she be able to open the door of her heart to love?

David Fisher is a well-respected farmer in the small town of Williamsville and has been a member of the country church in Williamsville since childhood. His heart was broken over the death of his wife, Sadie, and he was determined not to give his heart to another. Will he listen to the still small voice of God and go down the path God has asked of him? Will he open the shutters to his heart and love again?

“Whispers in the Night”
About The Book

Life as Ruthie Cox once knew it in Williamsville Missouri changes completely when she decides to leave the comfort of her mama’s care. She starts life afresh with the man of her dreams, and oh, how he showers her with love. She delights in experiencing life as a city girl. Yes, her lovebird introduces her to an element of thrill that she longed for while growing up in a very strict Christian home. Yet, her relationship with God grows in a depth that she had never experienced.
Buddy’s world is turned upside down, right side up, and completely shaken when he falls in love with Ruthie Cox. Their love was as close to perfect as perfect could be. Ruthie not only fulfills his manly emotions, but she also introduces him to a relationship with God. However, darkness from Buddy’s past lurks in their almost perfect world, threatening to destroy their future. Will love overcome his dark mistakes?
All the while, God is reuniting old flames and bringing restoration to even the bleakest relationships.
Meanwhile, back in the cozy town of Williamsville, love is in the air and promises are being kept. All seems to be going wonderfully well, until tragedy hits the life of a young woman recently graduated from high school. Will the town folks overcome the heartache that comes with the misfortune?

“Hadassah’s Cry”
About the Book

After Ruthie makes her way out of the dark pit of depression she is faced with the challenge of reconciling with her family. Her husband never left her side, and he encourages her that all things will work together for the good. All but one of of her family members welcomed her back with open arms. Her rebellious daughter refused to allow Ruthie to live her past mistakes down.

Hadassah falls into the trap that the enemy of her soul had set before her by running with the wrong crowd. She turns to alcohol and drugs to avoid facing the pain that eats away at her mind, and she allows her heart to harden against God. Will she find it in her heart to forgive her mother? Will she open her heart to God’s forgiveness? Will she open her heart to love?

When Logan inherits an estate from his aunt he anxiously packs up and moves from his home town, Savannah Georgia. He hopes to start life anew. Will the memories from his past keep him from pursuing a future? Will he find the intimate relationship with God that he longs for? Or will he continue in condemnation?

“God Hears Your Silent Cry”
About the Book
If you have been on an emotional rollercoaster, and you’re ready for change, then this is the Bible Study for you. If you are stable in your relationship with God and your loved ones, then this Bible Study will benefit your spiritual growth. God Hears Your Silent Cry tackles some tuff issues that need to be addressed; such as, depression, defeat, and sexual bonds. As you read this Bible Study, allow God to minister to your heart, so that you can learn to live a victorious life. God bless!

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