Pain to Glory

Pain to Glory


I believe we can all identify with pain.  We have all experienced the heartache of sickness and death.  Sad but true, life can throw us some hard punches.  I wish we could all enjoy the glory of the mountaintop every day of our lives.  However, we are not living in a fairytale.  From time to time, we will face some dark valleys.

My dear friends, I would like to share with you my darkest valley experience and how I made it to the mountaintop of glory.

A little over twenty years ago I fell into a deep valley of depression.  This valley was so dark and lonely.  I spent months trying to find my way out of this dark place, only to find myself suffering with pain beyond my comprehension.  You see, my pain was buried so deep that I was able to walk through life robotically with a smile.  I went to work at a Financial Institution five to six days a week and maintained healthy friendships.  Nonetheless, I went home every night to face the same dark pain that awaited me.

I would like to give a brief synopsis on how I found myself in this valley.  I’m the oldest of five siblings, and I played a major role in helping each one find their way in life.  I learned at a young age how to suppress my emotions and continue to pour my heart into the needs of others.  By nature, I’m a leader and a fixer.  I have never been a follower, and I always looked for ways to help others fix their problems.  Needless to say, by suppressing my feelings, I was setting myself up for the dark pain of depression.

I thought my life was going rather smoothly, until my husband informed me that he was in love with another woman.  Upon first hearing this devastating news, I felt like I was in a bad dream.  I continued to tell myself to wake up, but I soon came to realize I was not dreaming.  My dear friends, I never in my life felt such pain.  I literally felt my world crumble at my feet.  I was engulfed by a dark cloud of despair.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not seem to find my way back to light.  I was no longer in control, but my life was spinning faster than I could keep up.  After many months of walking around lifeless, I came to realize that I needed help.  I could not fix my life, nor help others with theirs.  It was at that moment that God directed my footsteps to freedom.

I found myself in complete peace as soon as I stepped into the large church.  The music brought a feeling of tranquility.  I breathed in and out slowly.  With each breath I took, I felt a calmness wash over me.  I sat in the back of the Sanctuary simply soaking in the sereneness and sacredness of the moment.  I never wanted this feeling of freedom to end.  I looked up to the platform and noticed the most beautiful cross I had ever seen displayed on the wall.  And then suddenly, I saw the light in my valley.  I felt my spirit excel to the mountaintop of glory.  Oh, what a wondrous day!  I finally found what I had been looking for all of my life.  I found joy, peace, and love on my mountaintop called glory.  My sweet Jesus came into my heart and removed all of the darkness.

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